Thursday, 11 December 2014

Lesson from patient #1: remember your parents.

Assalamualaikum peeps! :)

lama tak tulis dengan perasaan bahagia! haha

k semalam jumpa this one uncle in the ward,
mula2 macam taknak tegur dia. sebab dia nampak cam garang sikit, plus the wife pun nampak cam garang.
tapi lepastu bila tengok file dia, rasa cam best plak case pakcik ni.

so misi bermula!
heheh mula2 jalan dulu keliling ward...
tengok tengok patient lain...

then tetibe wife pakcik ni keluar dari ward.
so dengan doa dalam hati so that pakcik ni baik,
pi lah dekat pakcik ni...

tengok2 dia tengah buat... sudoku!
haha Alhamdulillah he turns out to be so amazingly nice. he's 64, and loves reading.
atas meja dia banyak sangat newspaper.
and when i talked to him, i know that he's one of the kind who loves knowledge.

tapi bila tanya pakcik dulu kerja apa, he insisted to not answer.
'alah dah lepas dah, bukan boleh buat apa pun kan. you guys punya kerja yang matters sekarang ni. pakcik dah takde apa dah'

tapi kitorang suspect pakcik ni kerja hebat2 jugak la sebenarnya. hmmm pakcik hmmm
sebab dia masuk hospital ni pun bcs he did some research and choose to be operated by the Head of Department of  General Surgery himself. hebat kot :3

anyway, he reminded me much of my father sebenarnya.
macam ayah, yang suka knowledge. apparently pakcik ni tau his anatomy and his disease quite well jugak,
and he loves travelling too!
teringat dekat ayah yang baca buku anatomy. huu entah entah ayah tahu lagi banyak dari anak dia ni kott. wuu caneee

one of my fav pictures of our family. minus family kakmun yang takde. hihi

so okay.
basically pakcik ni ada 3 orang anak.

this morning masa pergi visit, terjumpa wife dia.
she also, to my own surprise, was extremely warm and nice!

lepas dah borak borak dengan makcik ni,
and knows that their 3rd child, is currently doing medicine too in Bandung,

she asked me,
'so dah fikir ke nanti nak buat housemanship dekat mana?'

and i was like,
'oh saya macam suka nak buat dekat Sabah or Sarawak sebenarnya makcik...'

then makcik ni buat muka macam tak puas hati.
haha so i said,
'macam mak saya lah makcik ni, dia tak bagi rasanya kalau saya nak buat kat sana tu'

she said,
'tu lah. makcik pun taknak bagi anak makcik buat jauh2 tu. tak boleh2'

so she then further explained,

that her first daughter has now migrated to Melbourne, following her husband working there.
their second son, an engineer who worked with Petronas, is currently and most of the time offshore.

so turns out, their 3rd daughter is their only hope.

she said,
'kalau yang nombor 3 pun jauh, susahlah nanti pakcik dengan makcik je dua orang, takde siapa nak tolong.
ni yang sekarang pakcik sakit ni pun, menantu makcik yang 2nd tu yang banyak tolong.
anak sendiri semua jauh jauh.
susah, nanti takde orang nak tolong kalau apa apa jadi kan.'

and so i agreed with that.
true tho, times like this is when you'd need your children to be by your side.
bila lagi nak balas jasa parents kan :)

she then asked,
'awak ramai adik beradik ke?'

and i was like, 'heheh ramai makcik... 9 orang'

'ohh kalau macamtu boleh lah pergi Sarawak.'

haha macamtu pun boleh :3

tapi takpe, mak kalau baca ni, mak jangan risau dulu.
inshaaAllah Dila tak pi Sabah Sarawak, inshaaAllah Dila jaga mak dengan ayah :)

gambar umoq enamblas tahun rasanya ni :3

Lesson sampingan #2: nanti doa doalah Allah bagi rezeki anak ramai. senang nak jaga bila tua #eh.

May Allah allow us to always be there for our parents. Allahumma Ameen.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Tadi ada meeting dengan lecturer,
about something that we're not required to do but we want to do,
for our investment nanti dekat tempat yang satu lagi. soon.

tak tipu.
tapi dah aku pilih nak buat.
buat sampai habis.

Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you? They were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said,"When is the help of Allah ?" Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near. [2:214]

kerja kerja.
ingat senang senang je nak dapat syurga?

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Why do we read Quran, eh?

Assalamualaikum wbt.

so yesterday,
i was sitting besides a not-yet muslim girl in the class.
she's one of my closest friend from a different race, i would say.

so there's three of us in one line, and she was talking to the other person besides her, explaining something that i can't really understand -,-

doing nothing, i was thinking what should i do before the class starts.
then i decided to read Quran, *nak habiskan surah al-kahfi sebenarnya :3 *

i managed to finish a page, when the lecturer steps into the class.
so, i then stop reading.

then suddenly this girl looks at me, with a very puzzled look.

'Can i ask you something?'

'Yes suree'

'You guys pray 5 times a day right?'

'Oh, haha yea...'

'So you guys pray 5 times a day, then you have to read this too is it?'

flabbergasted, at the same time i was thinking what is the best way for me to explain to her.

'oh. the only compulsary things that we need to do is actually the prayer. but when we read this, we earn extra rewards. we believe that it is a revelation from God, and we read it to understand it better.'

'i see, so you guys read it to understand the religion better is it? because we *referring to her believe* have our own book too, but i don't really understand them'

'yes, sort of. and also it makes us more calm when we read it'

'and inside the prayer, you guys read it too?'

'yes, but we only read like one or two chapter la. It is like a story book, where you have many chapters inside, and each chapter has their own significance.'

'Oh, i see. because i've seen many reading it before, been wanting to ask why but i thought it's better to ask someone who i'm comfortable with'

*nodding my head, smiling*
rasa macam nak je bagi the english translation of the Quran to her there and then.

though what i answered might not be the best answer,
deep inside, i really i hope she gets it, and Allah will guide her heart inshaaAllah.

it felt nice tho, to actually be able to share and discuss with others why you're doing what you're doing. Its refreshing :)

may Allah guide us to the right path. Ameen.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

On finding the greater definition of life.

Assalamualaikum wbt people.

been thinking this for quite sometimes now.
pernah tak, pernah tak korang terfikir bila korang buat something tu,
rasa macam,
'untuk ni je ke aku hidup eh?'
pastu korang duduk termangu kat situ. *k kalau tak faham termangu tu apa, dia macam pingu. heh sila percaya.

i've been receiving many news of people passing away lately.
a friend's father, a grandmother of a close friend, and latest one is a neighbour, rumah sebelah.

lepastu fikir lagi.
how temporary life is.
yet we still want to run after it?
yet I still chase it?

and it makes me think. really.
on what values had i live my life with.

entah. rasa macam kadang kadang tu, everyone is being too mainstream that you don't wanna be part of them yet you still lose.

talking about useless things.
been trying to not talk about it as it could ever be,
but aint that easy.
not everyone would understand what you're trying to do.
and not everyone would like it when you started to change the topic etc eh.

spending time on useful things.
we, define 'useful' things differently, don't we?
our money, what do we spend them on?
our time, what do we do with them?

teringat a friend of mine pernah tanya,
'agak2 kau tau tak apa principle hidup aku?'
and it ignites my thinking,
rasa cam at the same time fikir, 'eh principle hidup aku sendiri apa eh?'

and yes.
banyak kena fikir.
banyak kena reflect.
jauh. penat. renyah.

teringat an aunt that i work with masa divine speech ada kata,
the things that she always think of when she's deciding to do something.
theres 2:

1. Will Allah be pleased with what i do?
2. Will The prophet [peace be upon him] do the same thing if he's in my shoe?

and inshaaAllah, our life would be much easier and blessed.

it's not easy really, to not be part of the mainstream world.

may Allah guide us and show us the right path.
may Allah let us meet with lailatul qadr night.
may Allah smoothen our journey enroute of meething Him soon.

Monday, 2 June 2014

The last time I talked about Islam.

Assalamualaikum wbt people :)
I pray that all of you are in the best state of emaan and health inshaaAllah.

been wanting to write so many things, but keep on procrastinating -.-

well, lets start with this inshaaAllah!
this piece is the one that i wrote for a competition previously, and i guess i would want to keep it here.
so yes, here it goes :)

*please bear in mind that this is an essay writing competition, so yea it looks like an essay i guess*

Studying in a place where meeting a non-Muslim everyday is essential, it kept me thinking of how should I start to approach them. It was not until this one day that I started to realize of how open-minded some of them are when it comes to belief and faith, and it was actually just me who does not have the courage to talk.

So I have this one close friend of mine, whom I’ve never talked anything about Islam to, afraid that she might be offended. She’s a Singh by descent, but she has difficulties in practising her belief. She told me that they also have their own book as a guide, as how we Muslims have our beloved Quran. But she was questioning the book herself, because she found it difficult to understand what was written in the book since it was written in Sanskrit.

So I asked her, isn’t there any translation for the book?

“There is, but I don’t think the translation is correct. Because it’s very illogical when in the book it was written very long for a sentence, but when translated it became only a word. I found it hard to believe in the translation.”

Well, if there is no one that could understand the book, why did some of them practices the belief by wearing the ‘turban’ on their head, and some of them did not?

“I think it was due to culture. Because their parents did it, so they did too. But I don’t think they do it because it was written anywhere in the book.”

Interesting. So I then asked her what does she thinks about Islam. To my own surprise, she answered that she thinks Islam is a very nice and peaceful religion. She knows that we have our own Quran as a guide, and that we practised our religion according to the content. She knows that we have to pray 5 times a day, and that we believe in heaven and hell. She also mentioned that she likes watching us Muslims pray, as it gave her sense of calmness every time she sees us performing the actions in our prayer. Upon hearing that, I was touched.

I further asked her, “What is the thing that you like most about Islam?” And I found the answer was very surprising.

“I like the fact that you guys have the concept of letting things be and pray when you have already done what you can. That you believe that in the end, it will be God that decides and you will accept whatever that happens.”

So I asked her if she believes in God. She answered yes. Does she believes that there is only One God? And she answered yes too.

“Then what makes you to not like Islam?”

She answered, “I can’t find the logic in life after death. I found it very hard to believe that there are heaven and hell.”

So I asked, ‘Then what do you think happened to people after they died?’

“I believe that God exists, but in forms of particles. He is in every single particles surrounding us. So, when we die, our body will decay and the particles will be passed to the trees and the soil. And when pregnant mother eats vegetables, the particles will then be passed to the fetus in their womb, and that is how the baby become alive. That’s how it goes, in a cycle.”

I know that she is very close to embracing Islam. Yet, I did not know what and how should I guide her. And I learnt a lot, even just by asking her about my own religion. She noticed all the small things that sometimes I myself, who inherited the religion from my parents, ignored.


Truth is, we (or maybe I) should have more confidence in ourselves if we say that we really belief in this path.
we know that He can never go wrong,
and that He'll help those who help His religion.

inshaaAllah, well get there :)
and it feels amazing, once you get to actually discuss things with these people.
and understand things from their point of view.

may Allah make it easy for all of us, inshaaAllah :)

Sunday, 4 May 2014


That girl.
She thought she'd be fine.
She thought things are gonna be okay.
She thought everything will be put nice into its place.
She thought after all the world ain't that cruel.
She thought she is strong enough to face the world.
She thought she will be fine.
She really thought she will.

and there she goes.
into the depth of the ocean.
into a place where nobody knows.
into a world that nobody cares.

That girl.
is gone.

hidup itu memang begitu.
ain't meant to be permanent right?
if the world has got everything, then what would Jannah means?

"Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned?" - [ 23:115 ]

sesungguhnya di syurga nanti itulah tempat rehat yang abadi.


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Seminar Aqsa # 2.

Assalamualaikum wbt peopleeee :)
i pray that all of you are in the best state of eeman and health insyaAllah.

Nahh, here's the continuation of the first part of seminar Aqsa. [first part is here.]

so in the first post, i talked about the 100 years of solidarity with the Palestinian people,
and also the current affairs about perjanjian damai yang bebanyak semua tu kan?
insyaAllah now i'm gonna write about the other two.
here's the intro that i've written previously;

2. 100 years of the Zionist's agenda in Palestine.
this is about the history daripada 1914 until 2014, apa yang jadi dekat palestine. and yang sebenarnya first step yang initiate all this was actually during the first world war.

3. The 'special relationship' that US has with the Israelis.
For your info, they are the only country + pseudocountry (read: negarapalsu) yang ada this kind of relationship. negara lain mana ada special special ni kaaan. and have you ever wondered why US ni tahan sangat dengan Israel, as in kenapa nak pertahankan sangat Israel ni, padahal there were nothing good they received in return pun kan? Plus, tahu tak sebenarnya from the year 1967-2013, they've spent more than 200 billion USD untuk Israel ni. this is only in terms of money, tak masuk lagi in other forms yang banyak tu semua.
so cam pelik kan? apesal lahhh US ni 'baik sangat'?

k dah. let's start shall we?

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

2. 100 years of the Zionist's agenda in Palestine.

so, untuk pengetahuan kita kita semua, sebenarnya Zionist ni dah plan nak wujudkan negara untuk bangsa diorang ever since 1585 lagi. hah lama kan? ni pun sebenarnya sebab the earliest book found was in the year 1585, but perhaps it has started many years before pun. just that we have no evidence je kan?

so in this book, it was written yang soon, akan tertubuhnya negara yahudi.

This is actually even before Germany was established. sebab kewujudan negara bangsa (yang pisah-pisahkan negara tu semua) only starts in the year of 1648. tapi diorang cakap about nak wujudkan negara sendiri ni almost 100 years before that. kira memang diorang dah plan lama dah.

so, many things happened since then. diorang even ada perhimpunan 'ulama2' theologians in 1746, discussing about building a country for the Jews ni. kira macam semua 'ulama2' diorang berkumpul, untuk bincang 'caaneee lah nak wujudkan negara kita nii'. *dialogciptaansendiriharapmaklum*

tapi, it was only during the first world war itself yang diorang nampak chance untuk diorang dapat Palestine ni.

here comes the complicated part. history! :3
insyaAllah i'll try to make it as simple as possible ye :)

k so masa first world war, ada two blocks;
- allied forces (kuasa berikat) consisting of Britain-France-Russia.
- central power: German, Prussian , Austrian-Hungarian, and Ottoman Empire.

So basically, Ottoman empire ni cam jadi rakan sekutu German.
So, once diorang jadi rakan sekutu German ni, the allied forces declared war on them.

Nov 1st 1914- Russia declares war to the Ottoman empire.
Nov 5th – Britain & France declares war.
Nov 11th – Sultan Muhammad V declares Jihad.
Nov 14th – Khairy Affendi (sort of like kadi besar kat Turkey masa tu) issues Jihad akbar Fardhu Ain to the whole of the muslim world.

So masa ni, memang the whole muslim world sahut seruan jihad. And it then arrives in Malaysia, sebab masa tu ada ramai student Malaysia yang study dekat middle east. so dorang hantar surat nak bagitau pasal fatwa ni tau. So fatwa ni macam mewajibkan semua umat Islam masa tu untuk berjihad. And ni jugak reason Tok Janggut and rakyat memberontak sebenarnya. They were actually against the British, and bukan kenaikan harga cukai yang few cents as written in our history textbook tu.

And so, masa tu British ada kenalkan ‘akta media massa’ or something yang bunyiknya begini (this one masa sejarah dulu ada belajar) untuk limitkan apa yang rakyat boleh tulis dalam surat khabar waktu tu. The reason why was actually British cam ugut orang kat Tanah Melayu time tu, cakap sesiapa yang ada copy of the Fatwa on Jihad ni, dia akan dihukum bunuh. sebab diorang taknak fatwa ni tersebar.

And this was actually the reason why they killed Tok Janggut, lepastu gantung tangan and kaki terbalik and diorang arak keliling kampung. British nak takutkan rakyat masa tu, so that diorang tak sahut seruan Jihad ni. And thus, diorang taknak rakyat sokong Khilafah Uthmaniyah masa tu.

haaaa amazing kan? macam tak sangka yang sebenarnya banyak je benda dalam textbook kita dulu tu yang tak berapa nak benar. huuu

K before kita proceed.
There are few names and terms that you guys need to know.

Chaim Weizman - A chemistry professor, a Zionist.
George Llyod - menteri pertahanan Britain masa tu.
Mark Sykes - member of Zionist Federation of Britain.
Lawrence of Arabia - he is a british citizen, but stayed in middle east for many years.
Faisal bin Hussein of Iraq - leader of Arabic continents masa tu. dia anak Sharif of Mecca.

Balfour declaration - this is in year of 1917. so dalam declaration ni, british made it public that they favored a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

okay? jom sambung!

so masa ni, Germany was of a great power, and diorang ada sort of like chemical weapons utk guna time war.
So British was in a weak state la kiranya kan.

Then came Chaim Weizman from the Zionist’s part. kan dia chemistry professor kan? So dia invent Cordite [bahan letupan], untuk bantu British masa tu. Dia deal dengan George Llyod (menteri pertahanan Britain) and in return, he asked George Llyod  ‘a home for for my people’.

They then formed the British-Zionist Federation to plan the end of the war’s outcome.
yang Chaim Weizman ni lah presidennye.

There were few other names associated too:
Arthur Balfour.
Winston Churchill.
Lord Baron Rothschild.
Herbert Samuel.

kalau nak tau in details diorang ni siapa and apa peranan diorang, please ask Shaykh Goo Goo :3

but to sum up, diorang ni consist of bankers, Foreign Minister, Home secretary and professors, and they were planing on how to take over Palestine and build their ‘home’ there. Diorang jugak yang draft Balfour declaration.

One of the name mentioned kat atas tadi was Mark Sykes kan. So, Mark ni yang actually responsible to persuade Faisal bin Hussein of Iraq. Dia bagi statement kat Faisal ni cakap on ‘view of Jews:…this race, despiced and weak…’ kira cam nak mintak sympathy from him lah. macam nak cakap yang 'kami ni kaum yang lemah, kasihanilah kami...'

k. tapi, yang sebenarnya responsible untuk mula2 jumpa Faisal ni was Lawrence of Arabia. Kan dia stay lama kat middle east. So bila dia balik Britain masa world war 1 (WW1) , he was assigned to serve in British army in Cairo. So dia kena carik orang Arab yang dia cam rasa boleh join British, yang macam 'open minded' sikit. So they found this Faisal bin Hussein who was quite young masa tu, and also easy to be persuaded.

In the end, he (Faisal) made this statement:
"We Arabs... look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. Our deputation here in Paris is fully acquainted with the proposals submitted yesterday by the Zionist Organisation to the Peace Conference, and we regard them as moderate and proper. We will do our best, in so far as we are concerned, to help them through; we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home... I look forward, and my people with me look forward, to a future in which we will help you and you will help us, so that the countries in which we are mutually interested may once again take their places in the community of the civilised peoples of the world."

so nampak tak yang dia sendiri yang opens the door untuk the Jews ni sebenarnya.

*eh tapi jap jap. mana US?*

k sebenarnya, US join first world war ni masa 1917 (sama tahun dengan Balfour Declaration tu). pastu US bg mandate dekat diri sendiri 'to take care of Palestine'. and dari situlah diorang try to take Palestine from us.
tak malu gila US bagi mandate kat diri sendiri kan -.-

so basically, this is roughly how WW1 was actually related to us, the Muslims. and since WW1 started on 1914, tu yang dia cakap 100 years of Zionist's agenda in Palestine. 1914-2014.

k breathe in.
breathe out.
minum air dulu.
k boleh sambung :)

next up,
3. The 'special relationship' that US has with the Israelis.

hah yang ni cam best. sebab macam suspicious kenapa US boleh rapat dengan Israel kan?
and despite the many policies that have changed in US, since dah tukar president etc, tapi policy diorang towards Israel tak pernah berubah. it was since 1948 tak silap.

so kalau korang tertanya tanya kenapa, here are the factors:

# 1 : Geo-politics.
sebab Israel ni kan kat middle east, so it serves as a proxy untuk US ni. kira macam wakil US kat tengah tengah negara arab tu lah.

# 2 : Oil-reserve.
kat negara negara arab ni kan banyak oil and gas reserves. so it is more on economic interest lah ni. kayaaaaa!

# 3 : Soft power factors.
yang ni, dia cakap pasal 'Jewish lobby'. kat US, ada this pro-Israel lobby group. basically, diorang ni provide realistic reasons for US to think that it's 'strategic alliance' with Israel ni akan kuatkan US punya security and national interest.

# 4 : Security
disebabkan US ni jauh, so dia believe dengan adanya 'geng' dia kat middle east ni, dia boleh control the power here. sebab US believes, that Israel is the only country that shared America's democratic value. yang 'sejiwa' la gitu. so senang untuk US promote so-called peace dekat middle east ni, dengan adanya Israel.

haaa k.
tapi, these are the usual factors discussed.
there is one more factor that is not usually discussed or told to the public.
and that factor is....

k -.-

that factor is actually, religion.

hah so kat US ni sebenarnya, ada satu cabang Christian named Protestant. pernah dengar tak? haaa. so in their belief, it was written in the old testament, 'To stand against the Jews is to stand against God.'

kiranya, bagi diorang issue mempertahankan negara Israel ni is actually religious issue. so disebabkan diorang 'beriman', diorang kena fight for it. and they also believe that Jesus will only come down bila Israel dah ada negara sendiri.

hah. so sekarang nampak tak sebenarnya ada hidden reason kenapa US nak sangat pertahankan Israel? yang US bukan sekadar pertahankan Israel sebab physical needs je.


sooo i think this will be the end of the post about the Seminar Aqsa insyaAllah.
hopefull you're benefited biidznillah :)
please note that this is all based on my limited knowledge. mohon betulkan jika ada salah dan silap.

may Allah bless you :)

what if.

what if,
tomorrow never exists?
will you be satisfied with who you are today?
will be happy with what you've done in your life?

what if,
yesterday never existed?
will you still be who you are today?
will you be happy for not knowing the people whom you once knew?

what if,
you're born in someone else's place?
would you rather be that so-called rich person?
or would you rather be that someone who lives down by the road without a proper place to be called home?

what if,
you could change that one thing about you?
would you change who you were?
or who you are?

what if,
you could choose how you would live like?
would you live alone,
or would you rather live together with those people that keep exhausting you?

what if,
you can make the world better?
what would you change?
what do you think will make the world a better place to live in?

what if,
the word 'if' never existed?
will you still wonder?
or will you do something to turn the dreams into reality?
The grass is always greener on the other side.
start living.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Seminar Aqsa #1.

Assalamualaikum wbt! ^^,

here, for i have promised few people of writing this down, and just to share the knowledge i was poured with during this seminar insyaAllah.

notakaki: this post might be a lil' bit long. but insyaAllah it will be worth your time to read. for it insyaAllah will open our eyes of the current situations in Palestine :)

but first, if anyone of you taktahu Seminar Aqsa ni hape, here's a picture of the poster.

i think the poster explained itself quite well jugak kot?
but well, basically this seminar talks about what has been happening in Palestine since many many years back.
so untuk orang yang tak berapa nak ada basics about Palestine history ni (read: bercakapkepadadirisendiri), senang jugak lah nak faham.
and sebenarnyaaa, it all started back in the year of 1585. that's like 500 years already kaaan. hah lame gila dorang plan nak curik Palestine ni dari kita sebenarnyaaa :O

and so, this seminar was divided into four sessions.

1. 2014 as a year of solidarity with the Palestinians.
hah ape ni? wait, satg i'll explain insyaAllah.

2. 100 years of the Zionist's agenda in Palestine.
this one, is a bit long. it talks about the history daripada 1914 until 2014, apa yang jadi dekat palestine. and yang sebenarnya first step yang initiate all this was actually during the first world war.

3. The 'special relationship' that US has with the Israelis.
For your info, they are the only country + pseudocountry (read: negarapalsu) yang ada this kind of relationship. negara lain mana ada special special ni kaaan. and have you ever wondered why US ni tahan sangat dengan Israel, as in kenapa nak pertahankan sangat Israel ni, padahal there were nothing good they received in return pun kan? Plus, tahu tak sebenarnya from the year 1967-2013, they've spent more than 200billion USD untuk Israel ni. this is only in terms of money, tak masuk lagi in other forms yang banyak tu semua.
so cam pelik kan? apesal lahhh US ni 'baik sangat'? haaa insyaAllah i'll explain more later eh.

4. Framework to Peace-Another Roadmap Bound to Fail.
This one talks about Fatah, Hamas and the many perjanjian damai yang pernah ada sebelum ni. Contoh cam perjanjian Oslo (Oslo Accord) , Pelan Damai. Deklarasi Clinton (Clinton's Declaration of Principles - CDOP), and Penyelesaian Dua Negara (Two State Solution). and kenapa this perjanjian yang sepatutnya mendamaikan ni tak damai damai. (read: failure to achieve peace)
and they also explains siapa Fatah ni, siapa Hamas ni. sebab i was quite confused previously kot. selalu dengar dalam TV ckp pasal Hamas dengan Fatah mcm blur jeee.
but it's okay, a friend of mine cakap, 'takpelah. atleast sekarang awak dah tahu kan?' :)
so yes, kalau before ni taktahu, sekarang lah masa untuk tahu kan? *kenyitmata

insyaAllah i'll try my best to explain in the simplest form that i can.
macam mana yang i would want people to explain to me.

So, let's start shall we? :D
بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

so first and foremost,
2014 as a year of solidarity with the Palestinians.
what does this mean?
and why does it matter to us?

haaaaa. k korang pernah dengar tak United Nations (UN) ?
basically it is an international organization that promotes friendly relations among nations etc etc. (hint: google kalau rasa macam tak faham ye)

so untuk pengetahuan korang, sebelum ni UN dah announce yang 29 November every year is actually an international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people. dah lama dah sebenarnya ni.

but on 26th of November 2013, they've announced that 2014 is a year of solidarity with the Palestinian people. this is when 110 countries voted in favor to this, 7 against (Australia, Canada, Micronesia, Israel, Marshall Islands, Palau and the United States)and 56 abstentions (berkecuali, means tak agree, tapi tak tolak jugak. cam atas pagar gitu).

so with this, it shows that many countries are actually aware of Palestinian issue and is actually supporting Palestine, alhamdulillah. from a day, to a year of solidarity :)

so you may ask, 'so what if they do? why does it matter?'

and it does matter sebenarnya. because this shows that the world currently are actually together with the Palestinian people. so bila UN announce 2014 as a year of solidarity with Palestinian people, we have to make full use of it. show that we are actually together with them. and spread the news so that more and more people are actually aware of what has been happening in Palestine.

and it is when everyone is together with the Palestinian people that Israel will actually realise that they'd have to fight against us all. sebab diorang ni sebenarnya affected by the voice of the people in this world. they are affected by public anger, because after all it is still the same earth we're living in kan. so they will still have to hear our voice and do things as how the whole world asked them to.

fahamkah rakan rakan? so let's spread more awareness on this insyaAllah! 

moving on to the next question,
'so, siapa Hamas ni sebenarnya? siapa pulak Fatah tu? bukan dua dua dekat Palestine ke? kenapa ada dua golongan pulak ni? :O'

k sebelum tu, ada a few players and terms dalam ni yang korang kena tahu.

1.Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO)
4. Palestine Authority (PA)
5. Palestine National Constant (ni basically macam prinsip asas Palestine yang diorang takkan berkompromi dengan Israel bila Palestine-Israel deal untuk perjanjian damai)
it consists of 3 things:
- hak untuk pelarian Palestin kembali ke tanah air mereka.
- Baitul Maqdis sebagai ibu negara Palestine.
- Israel berundur ke sempadan hijau (Resolusi UNSC 242) 1967. *yangnipunbolehgoogle*

so basically, before the year of 1987, hubungan rakyat Palestine dengan Zionist Israel ni ialah perang atau permusuhan. Intifadah on that year introduced HAMAS into the picture. so HAMAS ni yang ambil alih kepimpinan rakyat Palestine, so it forces Israel untuk check balik dasar diorang dengan PLO.

sebab sebelum ni PLO ni yang deal dengan Israel. PLO was once together with the Palestinian people. kiranya diorang pelihara prinsip-prinsip asas yang Palestine National Constant kat atas tu kan. Tapi lepastu diorang ketepikan prinsip ni, sebab Israel bagi jaminan yang Israel akan penuhi sebahgaian dari tuntutan perjuangan PLO provided that PLO ni boleh compromise sikit prinsip asas diorang ni. kira macam 'win-win' situation la kononnya.

tapi PLO ni sebenarnya sort of like dimainkan oleh Israel ni yang rasa insecure sebab ada HAMAS ni sekarang. so sekarang rakyat dah tak percaya dekat PLO, and Israel pun hilang kuasa diorang sebab PLO ni dah tak disokong rakyat.

so Israel pun cari rakan kongsi baru, which is Fatah. and declared Fatah ni as the Palestine Authority (PA).

so Fatah dengan Israel ni pun buat lah banyak banyak banyak deal and perjanjian. tapi takde satu pun yang berjaya mendamaikan Palestine-Israel in the end. sebab apa yang diorang discuss tu sort of like 'negotiating the un-negotiable'. Cam dalam National Constant (refer kat atas) tu kan ada cakap yang Baitul Maqdis tu sebagai ibu negara Palestine. Tapi dalam perlembagaan Israel ada stated clearly yang 'Baitul Maqdis sebagai ibu negara yang disatukan dan abadi bagi Israel.'

nampak tak? kiranya diorang macam nak discuss something yang opposite to each other, which means memang takkan ada penyelesaian kan.

and sekarang ni, HAMAS punya kawasan is actually Gaza. Fatah pulak pegang kawasan tebing barat. kiranya selama ni bila Fatah deal dengan Israel, diorang akan ketepikan HAMAS. but diorang realise pun sebenarnya yang diorang takkan berjaya buat apa apa perjanjian unless diorang involvekan sekali HAMAS into the picture, sebab HAMAS ni yang sebenarnya rakyat Palestine sokong.

so the latest perjanjian yang dorang tengah usahakan sekarang ni is actually 'Framework for Peace'.
John Kerry (setiausaha Barack Obama) cakap they'd give until 4 Mei as tarikh akhir untuk both sides terima 7 syarat yang ditetapkan yang kononnya akan jamin status akhir perdamaian Arab-Israel.

1. Demilitarization of Palestine (Palestine tak ada hak untuk ada tentera sendiri)
2. US akan pantau proses demilitarization tersebut.
3. Israel akan kekalkan pasukan keselamatannya sepanjang sempadan Tebing Barat-Jordan.
4. Rondaan bersama Israel-PA di sempadan pintu masuk Jordan-Tebing Barat.
5. Pemasangan sistem amaran awal keselamatan (Early warning system) di sepanjang Tebing Barat-Jordan.
6. Gaza dikecualikan dalam Framework for Peace
7. Semua syarat ini adalah dengan syarat semua penempatan yahudi di Tebing Barat dan Baitul Maqdis Timur akan terus dikuasai oleh Israel.

Nah, korang rasa logik tak syarat diorang ni? rasa cam nak buat muka -____- kan?

plus, diorang ketepikan Gaza dalam perjanjian ni.
in other way of saying, memang takkan tercapai perdamaian with this Framework for Peace. and Hamas ni adalah satu-satunya entiti yang ada kredibiliti untuk pertahankan 'Palestine National Constant',

So, satu-satunya jalan yang boleh bagi kejayaan is actually bila Fatah (PA) join sekali dengan Hamas untuk lawan against Israel. this is the time when Palestine will be free insyaAllah :)

k fuhhh. panjang kaaan?
ni baru two points. insyaAllah i'll write about the other two in another post when the time permits ye.
hopefully this help some of you to understand what has been happening in Palestine, at least a bit :)

and if by any chance there is any error, fell free to correct me.
for there were actually many things being told during the seminar, and i might made some mistakes etc.

i love this song. reminds me of them.

till then,
Assalamualaikum wbt :)