Monday, 2 June 2014

The last time I talked about Islam.

Assalamualaikum wbt people :)
I pray that all of you are in the best state of emaan and health inshaaAllah.

been wanting to write so many things, but keep on procrastinating -.-

well, lets start with this inshaaAllah!
this piece is the one that i wrote for a competition previously, and i guess i would want to keep it here.
so yes, here it goes :)

*please bear in mind that this is an essay writing competition, so yea it looks like an essay i guess*

Studying in a place where meeting a non-Muslim everyday is essential, it kept me thinking of how should I start to approach them. It was not until this one day that I started to realize of how open-minded some of them are when it comes to belief and faith, and it was actually just me who does not have the courage to talk.

So I have this one close friend of mine, whom I’ve never talked anything about Islam to, afraid that she might be offended. She’s a Singh by descent, but she has difficulties in practising her belief. She told me that they also have their own book as a guide, as how we Muslims have our beloved Quran. But she was questioning the book herself, because she found it difficult to understand what was written in the book since it was written in Sanskrit.

So I asked her, isn’t there any translation for the book?

“There is, but I don’t think the translation is correct. Because it’s very illogical when in the book it was written very long for a sentence, but when translated it became only a word. I found it hard to believe in the translation.”

Well, if there is no one that could understand the book, why did some of them practices the belief by wearing the ‘turban’ on their head, and some of them did not?

“I think it was due to culture. Because their parents did it, so they did too. But I don’t think they do it because it was written anywhere in the book.”

Interesting. So I then asked her what does she thinks about Islam. To my own surprise, she answered that she thinks Islam is a very nice and peaceful religion. She knows that we have our own Quran as a guide, and that we practised our religion according to the content. She knows that we have to pray 5 times a day, and that we believe in heaven and hell. She also mentioned that she likes watching us Muslims pray, as it gave her sense of calmness every time she sees us performing the actions in our prayer. Upon hearing that, I was touched.

I further asked her, “What is the thing that you like most about Islam?” And I found the answer was very surprising.

“I like the fact that you guys have the concept of letting things be and pray when you have already done what you can. That you believe that in the end, it will be God that decides and you will accept whatever that happens.”

So I asked her if she believes in God. She answered yes. Does she believes that there is only One God? And she answered yes too.

“Then what makes you to not like Islam?”

She answered, “I can’t find the logic in life after death. I found it very hard to believe that there are heaven and hell.”

So I asked, ‘Then what do you think happened to people after they died?’

“I believe that God exists, but in forms of particles. He is in every single particles surrounding us. So, when we die, our body will decay and the particles will be passed to the trees and the soil. And when pregnant mother eats vegetables, the particles will then be passed to the fetus in their womb, and that is how the baby become alive. That’s how it goes, in a cycle.”

I know that she is very close to embracing Islam. Yet, I did not know what and how should I guide her. And I learnt a lot, even just by asking her about my own religion. She noticed all the small things that sometimes I myself, who inherited the religion from my parents, ignored.


Truth is, we (or maybe I) should have more confidence in ourselves if we say that we really belief in this path.
we know that He can never go wrong,
and that He'll help those who help His religion.

inshaaAllah, well get there :)
and it feels amazing, once you get to actually discuss things with these people.
and understand things from their point of view.

may Allah make it easy for all of us, inshaaAllah :)

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