Saturday, 29 November 2014

Why do we read Quran, eh?

Assalamualaikum wbt.

so yesterday,
i was sitting besides a not-yet muslim girl in the class.
she's one of my closest friend from a different race, i would say.

so there's three of us in one line, and she was talking to the other person besides her, explaining something that i can't really understand -,-

doing nothing, i was thinking what should i do before the class starts.
then i decided to read Quran, *nak habiskan surah al-kahfi sebenarnya :3 *

i managed to finish a page, when the lecturer steps into the class.
so, i then stop reading.

then suddenly this girl looks at me, with a very puzzled look.

'Can i ask you something?'

'Yes suree'

'You guys pray 5 times a day right?'

'Oh, haha yea...'

'So you guys pray 5 times a day, then you have to read this too is it?'

flabbergasted, at the same time i was thinking what is the best way for me to explain to her.

'oh. the only compulsary things that we need to do is actually the prayer. but when we read this, we earn extra rewards. we believe that it is a revelation from God, and we read it to understand it better.'

'i see, so you guys read it to understand the religion better is it? because we *referring to her believe* have our own book too, but i don't really understand them'

'yes, sort of. and also it makes us more calm when we read it'

'and inside the prayer, you guys read it too?'

'yes, but we only read like one or two chapter la. It is like a story book, where you have many chapters inside, and each chapter has their own significance.'

'Oh, i see. because i've seen many reading it before, been wanting to ask why but i thought it's better to ask someone who i'm comfortable with'

*nodding my head, smiling*
rasa macam nak je bagi the english translation of the Quran to her there and then.

though what i answered might not be the best answer,
deep inside, i really i hope she gets it, and Allah will guide her heart inshaaAllah.

it felt nice tho, to actually be able to share and discuss with others why you're doing what you're doing. Its refreshing :)

may Allah guide us to the right path. Ameen.

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