Saturday, 19 July 2014

On finding the greater definition of life.

Assalamualaikum wbt people.

been thinking this for quite sometimes now.
pernah tak, pernah tak korang terfikir bila korang buat something tu,
rasa macam,
'untuk ni je ke aku hidup eh?'
pastu korang duduk termangu kat situ. *k kalau tak faham termangu tu apa, dia macam pingu. heh sila percaya.

i've been receiving many news of people passing away lately.
a friend's father, a grandmother of a close friend, and latest one is a neighbour, rumah sebelah.

lepastu fikir lagi.
how temporary life is.
yet we still want to run after it?
yet I still chase it?

and it makes me think. really.
on what values had i live my life with.

entah. rasa macam kadang kadang tu, everyone is being too mainstream that you don't wanna be part of them yet you still lose.

talking about useless things.
been trying to not talk about it as it could ever be,
but aint that easy.
not everyone would understand what you're trying to do.
and not everyone would like it when you started to change the topic etc eh.

spending time on useful things.
we, define 'useful' things differently, don't we?
our money, what do we spend them on?
our time, what do we do with them?

teringat a friend of mine pernah tanya,
'agak2 kau tau tak apa principle hidup aku?'
and it ignites my thinking,
rasa cam at the same time fikir, 'eh principle hidup aku sendiri apa eh?'

and yes.
banyak kena fikir.
banyak kena reflect.
jauh. penat. renyah.

teringat an aunt that i work with masa divine speech ada kata,
the things that she always think of when she's deciding to do something.
theres 2:

1. Will Allah be pleased with what i do?
2. Will The prophet [peace be upon him] do the same thing if he's in my shoe?

and inshaaAllah, our life would be much easier and blessed.

it's not easy really, to not be part of the mainstream world.

may Allah guide us and show us the right path.
may Allah let us meet with lailatul qadr night.
may Allah smoothen our journey enroute of meething Him soon.