Thursday, 15 September 2011

lesson learnt today ツ

today we had the IELTS speaking test . yes , this time its for real . and Alhamdulillah , things passed by smoothly . [ i hope so ]  =)

just wanted to share the thoughts that i have in my mind regarding this test . as all of us know , it is a test ; speaking test to be specific . so , the questions being asked is different for each and every person [ supposedly , but well maybe there are some questions being asked repeatedly to more than one person ]

so , lets see . for me , my topic is quite hard . maybe because i think it is a boring one . it sounds like this ; ' describe a person in the news that you would like to meet in person ' . there you go . i really had to squeeze & brainstorm my brain to think of one . and finally , i talk about someone that is easy to be talked about; politicians . yeay but of course i lied about this person . haha ;D but i really really hope the invigilator accepted my answer =)

In contrast , when I told one of my friends about this 'hard' topic [pokyeng to be specific] , he said actually it is an easy one . and he said if its him , he would've answered wayne rooney . funny , but i think it does make sense . well , he did appear in the news , so yeah he can talk bout him . but well , i still don't think i will take wayne rooney as my answer . but maybe i'll give some other names of artist . korean artist perhaps ? haha tipu je . *the test is over anyway*

different people has different ways of thinking .
we tend to think what we had is hard . instead we want what others had because we thought that maybe we'll do better if we got what they had . but have we ever think that maybe we will do worst if we had theirs' ? 

and from this speaking test , i've gained one precious lesson .  i really think that we should see life on the bright side and be grateful for what we have . stop complaining when u see someone else is gaining something better than you cause you just don't know whats the best thing for you . ayte ?

'...But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows, while you know not' - [ 2:216 ] 

♥ Dear friends ,
there will always be a good reason for why things are happening to you . so stop questioning . stop complaining . He knows better . just put your full trust in Him , insyaAllah things will turn out just great . even greater than what you expect it will be =)

lesson learnt today : do appreciate & be grateful for what you have !  ツ

shall we ? =)


Izzah Zahraa said...

alhamdulillah <3

pok yeng said...

aku nak menangis baca ko punye blog......makna yang mendalam disertakan dgn lagunye yg menyayat hati......isk3....

(konsonan)mmysIA(vokal) said...

aku sokong pok yeng... cepatnya ko taip...