Tuesday, 13 September 2011

its hard to decide =')

things will not always work the way you want it to be . well , just because you ask someone to do something , doesn't mean that person will do it . ayte ?

thats just what life is all about . currently I've been going through a really hard week . lots of things to be  done , too little time given . but well , I have to learn how to be strong . come on , the future will be much more demanding than this =)

life won't always be easy , yes true . we can't expect things to appear just like that once we close our eyes , kan . well hello , this is not a fairy tale story version of life =D so yeah , lets wake up and work hard (;

question ; how are we going to ensure what we choose is the right things to be done at that moment , when we can't afford to make any single mistakes ? hmph :|

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