Friday, 23 August 2013

for this one girl that i love.

Assaalamualaikum. Hi my dear ras :)
weheee how are you doing? Hope US is being nice to you, 
and hope you’re doing just fine trying to adapt to your new life there.
have you been eating well dekat sana?
did you take a good care of yourself?
have you had your bath? *ehhhh

heeee ingat lagi tak gambar ni? This was our last met kan. Never thought it would be the last one though. tapi still, I’m glad we finally had our so called 'dinner date'. Haha
Ingat tak ingat tak. we didn’t know where to eat at mula mula, then kite pusing pusing dekat dalam sunway pyramid tu (as usual, kalau psl makan je mesti taktau nak makan dekat mana. Lepastu siap duduk bersila dulu fikir nak makan mana kan), and in the end we ended up eating dekat pizza hut ni, the place you first mentioned masa dalam kereta. memang kita ni suka pun jalan jalan keliling pyramid tu sebenarnya kan -_____-

haha ingat tak yang time nak amek gambar ni, kite cam segan? sebab waiter ngn waitress dekat sana pandang -.- and then lepas makan tu, kita amek gambar dekat dpn cermin? lepastu bila ada orang lalu, buat2 cam innocent kan. ah well :p
oh and remember how amazing you were at making all those faces expressions?
i'm thinking of posting one of 'em kat sini, but uhmm oh, takpelah kot. next time perhaps :p


Dear ras,

remember all the times we had together?
the lunch date? the time when you introduced me to Grub's bistro dengan Arisan? yg saya tanya, kedai ni baru bukak ke, but then you said dari awak mula masuk lagi dah ada -.-
nampak sangat saya memang tak pernah makan tempat lain selain food court. kesian betul.
haha. thanks to you, sekarang saya suka makan arisan! wohoooo nuggettooo nyummayhhh. oh tapi Grub's tu cam mahal sikit, so kadang kadang jela saya pergi. heheh :p

And remember the mentos? haha ingat tak yang masa tu saya nak exam, lepastu awak text tanya dah masuk exam hall ke, sebab nak jumpa, then saya cakap belum. tapi lepastu bila awak sampai, saya dah masuk hall dah. and awak nak bagi the mentos as a goodluck gift before exam, tapi tak sempat. last last awak letak je dalam peti besi (so called) dekat tepi tu. heheh sorry ehh, blame the invigilators :p

oh and remember how random we were?
this ikea night, memang taktahu nak cakap apa lah kan. haha :D
from casa to ikea to klcc.
it was midnight. pastu kita pusing pusing dekat klcc time takda orang langsung -__-
amek gambar kat tepi jalan like that's our place.
oh oh, lepastu cuba tgk gambar the most left, down tu. 
ingat tak mula2 kita amek gambar tu cm biasa je, tp lepastu dayah cakap cam obvious gila our differences in heights.
then saya pun bend sikit sebab nak bagi sama tinggi, oh and heyy! awak dah sama tinggi dengan saya lah! hehehhh :p

Dear ras,
hmm ingat tak saya pernah cakap,
Yg mungkin sebenarnya kalau saya taktau orang yang rapat dengan saya tu nak fly,
It’d be easier for me to let go of that person?
And ingat tak, awak ada suruh saya experiment kan benda tu? tengok betul ke tak?
Well i never thought though, that it would be you yang saya tak hantar sebenarnya.
never ever crossed in my mind that it would be you the one that i'm going to be experimenting myself with.

i'm really sorry ras.
really really sorry.
i didn't even know if i'm ever going to regret my decision of not sending you,
and i'm really really really sorry.
i was having a real hard time deciding to send, or to not send you.
my exam finished at 4pm that day, and i was off to meet my sister afterwards.
saya tahu yang awak nak fly tu pun nak dekat pukul 6, and i have another paper early morning the next day.
you knew how much i wish i could send you off kan?

i'll miss you, ras.
will seriously do.
all your stories, the random ones, the funny ones, the sad ones.
about your family, about jack and jill, about dania and danial, about your parents, about h bukan nama sebenar(ehh, or perhaps i should not mention it here ehh? :p)
i'll miss the times where i can randomly call you whenever i'm stressed out and feeling down,
and each time then, you would always be there for me.
making me feel better, much much better.
daripada depressed terus boleh gelak sorang sorang, macam bipolar disorder pulak -.-
haha and that was how superbly amazing you were at making me smile though :) 

For all the times you spent for me.
For all the moments we had together.
For the shoulders you lend when I needed one,
For the tears you wiped when i was at my weakest point,
For the laughter we shared when we were telling all those stories.
For everything ras, for everything.

I just couldn’t thank you enough, for always being there for me.
and i thanks Allah for bringing you into my life.
oh and ingat tak kita pernah nak trace balik since when kita rapat, but we gave up in the end? sebab memang tak dapat nak tahu since bila lah senang cerita kan. haha

and i love you ras, for Allah's sake. i love you banyak banyak banyak.
have fun dekat sana, study well, eat well, sleep well, grow well. ehhh hehehh :p

till then,
please take a good care of yourself there eh.

me love you, forever and always insyaAllah.
we can always skype kan?
oh, and i'm sorry for the long essay. heheh baiii *lambailambai*

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