Sunday, 14 July 2013

had enough.

We all come into this world
Only to leave it one day

Life is just a passing moment
Nothing is meant to stay, oh
So many years, quickly slipping by
Like the Sleepers of the Cave
Wake up and make a choice
Before we end up in our graves
O God! You didn't put me here in vain
I know I'll be held accountable for what I do
This life is just a journey 
And it's taking me back to You

moga Allah redha.

Ramadhan kareem! :D
semoga ramadhan kali ini jadi the best ramadhan that we've ever had.
moga Dia limpahkan rahmat kasih sayangnya kepada kita semua, 
and moga Dia terima amal kita throughout this beautiful lovely month, amin~ :)

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