Tuesday, 7 August 2012

again and again.

falling. yet do not know how to stand up back again.

I believe,
each person that Allah sent into my life has their own lesson to teach me.
though i do not know what and why,
but i do know that there is always a reason behind.

And walking through my yesterday,
i started to realise.
too many things have changed.
my life. my friends. my way of thinking.
betapa sukarnya untuk menjadi saya yang hari ini.

and now, i just couldn't believe how easily i'm changing again.
dan sebenarnya saya tahu.
saya sedar.
but i just, can't.
and i miss myself so much :'(

i know i'm stronger than this.
even if i'm not, i have to.
demi Dia yang menciptakan kita.
you know who you are, don't you?
so, will you help me?

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Yet Another Wonder Woman said...

Be strong my dear. Be strong.